My covid-19's story

Since March 9th, 2020, Lombardy region, in the north of Italy, has adopted a regime of social restrictions as an effort to contain the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. This regime evolved in a total shutdown of any social and economic activities, defined with the now widespread term of “lockdown”. In this situation, individuals with higher mortality risk are, beside older age groups, people so called immunosuppressed. Among those are people affected by haematocological diseases, or blood diseases.
According to Istat data, in 2017 alone, 89129 Italians were affected by this type of diseases. Even patients that successfully recover from this type of diseases, will remain affected by a deficit in immune defenses that is likely to makes them more exposed to contracting the Covid-19 virus. My mother is one of them.

Her name is Luciana and she is affected by a Non-Hodkgkin type of lymphoma, a form of blood tumor. After undergoing two cycles of chemotherapy, the first one in 2011 and the second one in 2014, she also had a bone marrow auto transplant. The bone marrow transplant causes complete annulment of the immune defenses during the treatment period and, even after a recovery period that spanned through many years that allowed her to go back to a normal lifestyle, her level of antibodies and platelets never got back to pre-treatment levels.
For these reasons, for fears of contracting the virus and being unable to overcome it, she preventively started to work from home and avoid unnecessary social contact since February 24th, two weeks before the lockdown was imposed to all the population by the local government. In this worrisome environment, she has been living a new routine confined within the walls of her own home.

Two weeks after the beginning of her self-isolation, I documented her daily life for two weeks and I attempted to tell her story using 10 shots.

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