Powerlifting Workout

Powerlifting Workout is a personal project realized with Carlotta Boattini related to her everyday's workout. Carlotta, class 1992, is an Italian Powerlifter from Forlì, moved to Milan some years ago to attend university. Here in Milan she started competing in official's federation about one year ago under 84Kg weight class. In her training sessions she needs to increase her streght by controlling her body and mind in order to lift more weight at the barbell.

This is what she said about powerlifting in Italy and what she think about women in this sport:

"In my opinion, powerlifting in Italy is a sport that could really make its own nature stand out, if it were given more importance in terms of events, sponsors, etc. By enerting local realities, you can often see  lots of effort and dedication, feel spirit of cohesion and humanity, knowledge and passion, which are qualities that have always characterized Italian successful activities.
As Italians, on the other hand, there is often a tendency to get lost in a circle of provincialism, which at times in such a restricted sporting environment is likely to distract. In any case, powerlifting is growing, and I hope it will be valued as other sports soon.
Training for strength, personally, means  self-discipline and has become essential as a lifestyle, besides being a competitive activity. As a woman I don't feel that much pressure; many girlfriends of mine train like me and I believe that the role of women in the gym-system is evolving and getting rid of its stereotype. Powerlifting doesn't mean brute strength as you may naively think, but requires many qualities as strategy-making, focus, recovery, consistency, co working and more. Men may be born genetically stronger than women, but need more time to recover and bear pain less. So I'd say we all have a lot to do!"

Milano - Italy